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A Passive Mindset Rarely Leads To Success; Sometimes Luck Rewards The Audacious

A Passive Mindset Rarely Leads To Success; Sometimes Luck Rewards The Audacious

Do you sometimes feel that your peers are getting ahead of you in their careers through means that cannot be explained other than by magic? You started your journeys together and you have similar aspirations, backgrounds and skillsets, and yet you seem to have hit a wall.

When asked about the importance of luck and professional success by HR Today, Charles du Pontavice, Managing Director of Morgan Philips Executive Search Switzerland, suggests a re-evaluation of the self, by simply recognizing the importance of none other than luck.

Read the full article in which Charles was featured on HR Today's website or to get in contact with Charles, please do not hesitate to send him an email.

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“In the landscape of jobs, careers, corporations and industries, one can argue that there is an evident correlation between talent, competence and success (though this last term is subjective), but let us not forget that luck and chance can prove to be more determinative than skills! Empirically, by meeting hundreds of profiles per year, we find that merit can explain neither success nor failure. Humility is therefore mandatory.

On the other hand, we continue to be sometimes stunned by the planets’ alignment in some people’s lives; the seamless (sometimes unlikely!) meetings, the vacant role, perfect timing, the CV sent by chance that lands on the right desk, the failure that triggers a general transformation that leads into a success story…we’ve seen it all.

However, by shuffling the terrain, one realizes that certain profiles seem to be able to arouse chances or opportunities thanks to their "faire-savoir", their ability to network, their intellectual curiosity etc. And of course, personality plays a huge role; allowing initiative and instinct to take over during strategic moments, some entrepreneurs or managers confirm the age old saying that luck favors the bold.”


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