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7 points to consider before accepting a new job

7 points to consider before accepting a new job

Few of us will retire from the company where we started our career 40 years ago. While some of these career changes may be involuntary, due to layoff, dismissal, or other circumstances, most of us have had to say goodbye and leave a job at somepoint in our career. Knowing when to stay and when to leave, is not always easy. 


Will your salary be higher in this new job?

Money is not everything, but it is a relatively important vector. Constant worries about finances can be a major source of stress. Although a higher salary is not the only reason for taking a job, most people want to see their salary increase steadily over time.

Of course, before you go in search of a better salary, you should make sure that it meets your requirements. The remuneration is not limited only to what you receive in your bank account each month. Make sure you don't have higher contributions to health insurance or other benefits which will affect you in the long run. 


What are you giving up?

There are probably some things you love about your job or your career, mayb it's  the people you work with or it's a fairly short commute time to get to the office. Be sure to consider all the pros and cons before you decide to change jobs or careers. Once again, money is not everything!


Is there a possibility of career development?

The majority of people probably don't want to change jobs every year, but when you do change you should still have the opportunity to be taking on new challenges and learning new skills in the years to come. Otherwise chances are you will go on search for another challenge. Ideally, your new position should come with the possibility of progressing to another position of responsibility within the same company. 

Is the corporate culture pleasant?

Everyone has their own idea of ​​a good time, and that's as true professionally as it is personally. So, make sure that the corporate culture suits you and meets your expectations.

If possible, ask to visit the office during your interview process. Pay particular attention to the physical space, noise level, attitude and behavior of staff, etc. Do you see yourself working well there and feeling comfortable? There is no company which is perfect, but there is a perfect company for you.

Will you like your new colleagues?

Pay attention to your co-workers in your interview, so you can get a general idea of ​​the type of personalities that make up the company. Do you see yourself working well with these people, respecting them, learning from them?


Are you improving your opportunities?

Will moving into a new position put you in a better or worse position than where you are now? Ideally, you leave your current position to move into a situation where you gain experience, knowledge, skills, and a positive association with the brand that will help you in your career long after you leave your next job.


What is the staff turnover at the new employer?

You hate stress, but this company has a reputation for mistreating its employees. You value diversity, but all employees come from the same background. If you want to know if you will be happy and successful in a job, look at the people who left or were forced to leave. If you look more like them than the people who stayed, you could be in trouble.

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