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3 added benefits of short-term contract jobs

3 added benefits of short-term contract jobs

Summer is finally here, which means weekend getaways to the beach, copious amounts of ice cream, and the occasional spot of sun. And for hungry job seekers, it also means there’s a fresh new crop of short-term contract job opportunities on offer.

Whether you’re a student wanting to earn some extra cash over the summer, or an experienced professional who enjoys working at their own pace, short-term contract and temp jobs come with a number of great perks, such as…

1. Regular work for a reasonable price

In today’s day and age, short-term contract and temping roles are in steady supply, especially during busier times of the year such as the summer holiday period.

While the majority of temp roles don’t include the added benefits of a full time job, such as annual leave or pension schemes, many organisations offer temp workers a very reasonable hourly rate as an added incentive.

On the other hand, contractors will often have the same benefits and holiday entitlements as permanent employees, and are paid on either a fixed-term basis or a rolling contract.

2. Flexible and fast paced

While the recruitment processes for permanent positions often takes place over several weeks (or months), most companies move at a much quicker pace when looking for short-term contractors – so if you’re available to start work immediately, this could prove advantageous on both ends.

And, generally speaking, you won't be tied to any long notice periods, so if you’re keeping an eye out for other roles (your dream job, for instance), you have the freedom to jump on new opportunities when they pop up. 

3. A wider range of skills

Another added benefit of short-term roles is the variety – you could be working for a Fintech startup one month, and an architectural firm the next.

This gives you the opportunity to acquire a broad range of transferable skills to put to use, which could prove invaluable if you’re new to the workforce or still unsure what career path you want to go down.

These roles also come with a number of useful networking opportunities, giving you easy access to industry contacts which might come in handy later down the track, particularly if you’re looking to add a few references to your resume. 

Over the last few years, Morgan Philips Group have successfully placed thousands of workers in contractor and temporary jobs across the UK.

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