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Organisational purpose – Executive Briefing

Organisational purpose – Executive Briefing

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An organisation’s purpose is more than just a statement - it drives strategy and structure, decision-making, recruitment and employee development, as well as customer and stakeholder relationships - its influence permeates all aspects of the organisation.

Here’s why you need to take purpose seriously:

  • 90% of employees in purpose-driven companies report feeling more engaged
  • Six in 10 millennials believe a “sense of purpose” is part of the reason they chose to work for their current employers
  • 87% of consumers said performance is best over time if purpose goes before profit.

The briefing focuses on:

  • Why your organisation needs a purpose
  • How a purpose statement differs from vision, values and mission statements
  • The ROI of having an organisational purpose
  • What an effective purpose statement looks like
  • Why purpose is key to attracting new talent
  • The reason corporate purpose needs to align with individual purpose
  • How to find purpose-driven individuals

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Find related articles: New world of work, Purpose

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