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10 reasons why you should work with a headhunter

10 reasons why you should work with a headhunter

Never used a specialist for your recruitment before?

Amidst a war for talent, in an increasingly more competitive context, Morgan Philips Executive Search offers 10 reasons why you should work with a direct recruitment specialist for all your strategic and value-added hires. 

1) Be ambitious when you’re hiring talent 

Good is just not good enough! A fantastic candidate can make an enormous difference to your company’s turnover and profit compared to just a good candidate. A headhunter will always help and push you to recruit the best talent available on the job market. 

2) When recruiting an executive leader, searching is essential 

To be sure of recruiting the best, you must take a grand tour of the market. To do so, you must also speak to potential hires who are not looking at all, by contacting a recruitment firm that specialises in headhunting. 

3) You’re looking for a candidate with a rare skillset 

The recruitment of talent involves a mixture of skill, experience, cultural fit, ambition and emotional intelligence. It often means looking for a needle in numerous haystacks spread across different parts of the globe. Only a headhunter, with a global network and search logistics, will be able to help you in this kind of search. 

4) Recruiting means following a rigorous process 

It’s not only important to work with specialists because they will help you to define your requirements, but also because they call your decisions into question by providing hindsight for significant decisions affecting the recruitment of an executive or expert. 

5) You’ll save time 

Searching and recruiting an executive takes up an enormous amount of time. Headhunters and their search centre will scan dozens of profiles before sending you their Top 5. Your time is too precious to waste it sending InMails on LinkedIn or looking up the telephone numbers of potential candidates. 

6) You’ll have access to multiple networks 

You’ve exhausted your own professional network, now it's time for you to access other networks to find the best talent. 

7) Recruiting the best on the market gives you a strategic advantage 

When you work with a headhunter specialised in a specific sector, you’re working with a consultant who has more connections than you, the occasional recruiter, has. Headhunters see lots of people very often. They have better, finer and more specific connections. 

8) Confidentiality. Need to replace an executive leader or expert who is still in the role? 

Confidence is the key element in the relationship between a company and a headhunter. Confidentiality. Do you need to recruit from a competitor that your company has good relations with? Headhunters ensure you avoid conflict with your competitors. 

9) Your executive team lacks diversity 

Headhunters will access numerous databases and networks, speak to multiple candidates, and leave behind any preconceived ideas about them. The result is a shortlist of candidates from different backgrounds. 

10) You have no executive talent pool 

A headhunter will help you build this talent pool, so that you are able to prepare the succession of your key employees in a constructed and efficient manner. 

Never used a specialist for your recruitment before? 

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