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Finance & Accounting in Luxembourg

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In the current economic circumstances, the finance and accounting sectors are constantly facing rapid changes and developments, forcing its players to adapt quickly and efficiently. As a result, the recruitment of accountants and other finance professionals is a key and strategic element in the smooth running of a company.

In addition to fundamental technical skills, profiles showing agility, leadership and rigour are the most sought after by our clients. With the help of our innovative and state-of-the-art tools, our expert consultants in Finance & Accounting recruitment will help and guide you in your search for talent.

Our Finance & Accounting recruitment experts specialise in the following sectors:

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Financial & Accounting roles/skills we specialise in:

As Finance and Accounting are very well represented in Luxembourg, we have a highly developed expertise in recruiting this type of profile for companies of all sectors, sizes and types (listed companies, family businesses, holding companies, family offices, alternative funds (private equity, infrastructure, real estate), fiduciaries...). We have an important track record in recruiting the following profiles:

  • Management: Chief Financial Officer, Treasury Director, Audit Management, Internal Audit Director, M&A Director, Partner in Audit Firm, Consolidation Director
  • Audit Management & M&A: Internal Auditor, External Auditor, Audit Controller, Financial Analyst, Investments Specialist
  • Accounting: Accountant (Single, General, Client, Suppliers, Treasury, Leaseholder, Recovery), Accounting Assistant/Manager
  • Treasury, Credit Management & Consolidation: Treasurer, Credit Manager/Recovery Manager, Credit Analyst, Consolidator

Recent examples of our client assignments:

  • Senior Accountant - 60K € - Industry - Luxembourg
  • Accounting Manager - 85K € - Retail - Luxembourg
  • Investment Analyst - 80K € - Private Equity - Luxembourg
  • Financial Controller - 75K € - Automotive - Luxembourg
  • Chief Operating Officer - 130K € - Financial Services - Luxembourg
  • Deputy CFO - 95K € - Real Estate - Luxembourg
  • Financing and M&A Director - 110K € - Financial Services - Luxembourg
  • Head of Finance & Administration - 125K € - Public Sector - Luxembourg

Contact our experts

Quentin Ducreux portrait
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Quentin Ducreux

Senior Consultant

Tel: + (352) 661 666 152 Find me on LinkedIn
Jeanne Guériaux portrait
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Jeanne Guériaux

Manager - Finance, Accounting & Legal

Tel: + (352) 661 666 250 Find me on LinkedIn

5 reasons to partner with us for all
your Finance & Accounting recruitment needs


Innovative and modern sourcing techniques that give us access to a large pool of talent to meet the shortage.

  • Our own global database of over 10,000 candidates specialising in Finance & Accounting.
  • 4 search centres with access to over 250 global databases with candidates from around the world .

Consultants who are experts in each sector through their experience in the field and the market, using direct and effective approach methods to optimise recruitment for their clients.


The creation and distribution of video job advertisements that generate 40% more applications than a traditional job advertisement.


Creation of regular content (articles, webinars, studies etc.) creating a community specialised in various sectors and attracting and retaining potential candidates.


The Club 5000: an exclusive and unique network of experts, bringing together people who are very high up in their sector and who can put us in touch with very good talent in their network.

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