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Contracting with Morgan Philips

Take control of your career

In today’s new world of work, contractor and temporary workers are a critical part of many workplaces. Organisations commonly rely on temporary workers and contractors to meet opportunities created by project work, periods of peak demand, annual leave and system updates.

Contracting has become a career choice for many job seekers and offers some great benefits, from increased flexibility to greater breadth of experience and variety.

Across the UK Morgan Philips Group has placed thousands of people in rewarding and diverse contractor and temporary jobs in recent years.

What you can expect from contracting with Morgan Philips Group

  • Choice: An extensive portfolio of global clients
  • Competitive rates: Our market knowledge means we’re in the best position to represent you
  • Consulting experience: We support you rom start to finish advising on types of role, company and industry
  • Contracting guidance: You will receive full guidance on your options as a PAYE contractor or as a limited company
  • Contractor hotline: We’ll support you with any time sheet or payment related queries once you’ve been placed
  • Timesheet portal: You and the client will have access to an easy to use, digital, fully automated portal.

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