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How do I choose an outplacement company?

How do I choose an outplacement company?

The aim of any outplacement company is to find you a new job.

When chosen well, outplacement offers true added value; even if the methods vary, companies provide greatly similar services. So how do I choose my outplacement company? 

1.What type of employee is the outplacement intended for?

Reserved until now for executive leaders, in terms of cost, outplacement is becoming more accessible and offered more and more frequently to middle management roles by companies keen to preserve their good employer image. At Morgan Philips we offer methods suited to each employee level, from executives to middle management and regular staff. 

2. How much and who pays? 

Companies’ fees vary, but in general they are between 15 and 20% of the gross annual salary. At Morgan Philips our fees are between 10 and 15% of the gross annual salary. The saving your employer makes will allow you to negotiate a higher pay cheque – rather than paying through the roof for outplacement services – while being certain that you are receiving a high-quality service. 

3. Which method? 

Some outplacement firms simply offer luxury accommodation: an office with a thick carpet and an assistant… Nowadays looking for a job is full-time work. We must understand and utilise new methods to look for a new job. We must stand out from the crowd because thanks to the internet, businesses and professional recruiters have access to millions of potential profiles. It is therefore vital to ask your consultant about the method used so that you return to work quickly. At Morgan Philips our method has been devised by executives from international recruitment companies and includes 52 modules ranging from understanding the job market to techniques for integrating into your new company. 

4. Choosing your consultant 

Your consultant will accompany you throughout your career transition, so a personal, cultural and professional fit is essential. At Morgan Philips we choose your coach based on these 3 criteria for the best possible fit. Likewise, we don’t think that a consultant can be specialised and successful in each and every discipline that involves return-to-work coaching. Therefore, throughout the mission we offer a main coach as well as specialist advice from advisers in communication, image, digital research strategy and so on. 

5. The tools to find jobs 

In order to find a job quickly, you must have as many interviews as you can. To do this you need unlimited access to available job offers that might interest you. At Morgan Philips we have our own Morgan Search Engine technology, which allows us to send you the week’s offers that are best in line with your search. 

In a nutshell, when chosen well at the right moment, outplacement offers true added value.



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