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Why you should consider a career move overseas

Why you should consider a career move overseas

  • You'll learn some new language skills
  • You'll meet new people and develop an international network
  • You could gain experience working for an interesting organisation
  • You'll learn to be more agile and adaptable
  • You'll get to see a different side of the world and explore.


You might have fantasized about the idea of moving abroad for work one or twice.

Maybe you half-picture yourself reclining on a beach with a laptop, catching up on a bit of work before catching some rays. 

But fantasies aside, have you ever seriously thought about it? Here are 5 great reasons putting your money where your mouth is and taking the plunge could be best career decision you ever make...

1. You could easily pick up a new language

Everyone loves the idea of being bilingual, but who ever really has the time and money to shell out for night classes? 

They say the best way to pick up a new language is just to throw yourself into it. So why not look for an English-speaking company located in a non-native English-speaking country?

A second language doesn't just look great on your CV – it's an amazing personal achievement that helps you unlock a whole new culture and perspective of the world.   

2. You'll develop a global network

Unless you work for a multi-national corporation, how many genuine international contacts are you likely to pick up in your career?

Moving abroad is the absolutely perfect way to explore a brand new global network. And who knows where it could take you in the future?

3. You'll prove you can be truly adaptable

Adaptability is a strength that's listed on a lot of CVs, but it's also one that’s tough to really demonstrate. 

Moving abroad for work, surviving, and thriving, is a near-enough dictionary definition of adaptability. 

We know it's easier said than done, but there are few other career-defining moves you could make that will be this fun. 

4. There are loads of great jobs out there

If you've spent enough time moaning about the state of the UK jobs market, maybe it's time you started looking elsewhere!

Remember, you're also in a particularly advantageous position - you happen to speak the international language of business, trade, aviation, academia and more.

Don't underestimate the huge head start you've been given!

5. There are some truly amazing locations to explore!

It seems like an obvious answer, but it can be easy to forget one of the biggest perks of working abroad.

And your fantasy doesn't have to mean sandy beaches - there are so many other kinds of location across the world that would make an inspiring place to work.

From Sydney to Stockholm, New York to Madrid, there's surely somewhere everyone would love to further their career in.  To browse our global job offerings, click here to see what could be your future overseas opportunity.

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