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Why didn't I get the job?

Why didn't I get the job?

Not following clear instructions, sending through the wrong documents, getting the name of the hiring manager wrong, or having a negative online presence can be some of the reasons why. 


Have you ever applied for a job you think you're perfect for, but never heard anything back?

The truth is, you may have been closer to getting the interview than you think.

It could have been just one thing you missed out that kept you from getting a call-back. Here are 4 things you might have missed that made the difference.

1. You didn't quite follow all the instructions 

Sometimes your application instructions can seem unnecessarily lengthy and complex. Laborious though it may seem, they were given to you for a reason - to make the hiring manager's job a bit easier.

Think of it from their perspective. They most likely have to sift through about a 100 CVs, covering letters and other application materials. Trimming out the person who forgot to attach one or two things is likely, if not inevitable. 

2. You didn't double check all the files you sent

Sometimes Word documents, PDFs and other file types can be temperamental depending on which device you view and edit it on. 

Before you send off your CV, try emailing it to yourself and a few friends, ensuring they open it in different devices and programmes. You'd be surprised how often something can mess with your formatting, or even worse, stop you from opening the document at all. 

3. You didn't address your cover letter to the right person

Back in the day, you'd just address a cover letter to "whom it may concern" or a "sir or madam". But nowadays, with the help of LinkedIn and the internet, it's not all that difficult to find out who you're actually trying to reach out to - you might even be told their name in the application materials! 

If you're sending off a few applications at once, make sure you don't send a cover letter addressed to the wrong person!

4. Your online presence put them off 

You might have a well-polished LinkedIn profile, but have you thought of everything else about you that could be on the web? Maybe a few rogue Facebook photos, maybe a neglected Twitter account?

We're sure there's nothing seriously untoward out there, but a hiring manager may well compare that blog you started but never updated with that of another immaculately kept one by another candidate. 

Make sure your online presence and overall profile are both professional and well-maintained. It might not seem that important, but job applications often come down to the fine margins!

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