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What does the 2018 job seeker look like?

What does the 2018 job seeker look like?

2018 is a brand new year - which means there’s a brand new crowd of job-hungry professionals prowling the internet in search of the perfect job.

According to Investors in People (IIP), almost half (47%) of the UK workforce will be looking for a new job in 2018, with nearly one in five already actively searching.

But who are these professionals? What are they looking for? And what type of organisations are they attracted to? 

Here’s what the 2018 job seeker looks like:

1) They’re purpose-driven.

Job security, salary and benefits, and a healthy work-life balance are important aspects of any job, but the most important factor people look for in a new job is organisational purpose, according to a recent LinkedIn report.  

The 2018 job seeker is attracted to organisations that are making a difference, either to their industry, to their local community, to the environment or to society as a whole. They want to work for organisations with a clear sense of purpose – and that purpose has to be motivational, authentic and relatable. 

Take Unilever’s purpose statement: Making sustainable living commonplace. The statement covers off a variety of facets of the organisation, from providing affordable and quality products to consumers, to motivating employees to make a difference, to supporting its many CSR initiatives. 

By clarifying, communicating and demonstrating a purpose, organisations stand to benefit from a highly engaged workforce - according to Gallup, 90% of employees in purpose-driven organisations feel more engaged.

2) They’re tech savvy.

The 2018 job seeker knows there’s more to finding the right job than printing off a hundred CVs and posting them out to the FTSE 100. 

These job seekers are no strangers to digital technology, and they know how to use it to their advantage. For instance, they’re aware of all the best job boards and they get notified as soon as a new job comes out on the market. They know to include important keywords into their CVs and cover letters in order to standout. And they know how to create a powerful profile on social sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. 

But these professionals are also attracted to organisations with the same new world of work mindset. They want to work in an agile office environment where flexible working is open to all, and they want the necessary technology to help them do so, such as remote access to software, video communication tools, and laptop and tablet devices. 

3) They want to be heard.

The 2018 job seeker wants to be appreciated for their hard work and be given the opportunity to develop. According to Investors in People (IIP), poor management is the biggest driver of discontent, with almost half (49%) of employees citing it as the reason they would seek a new job. The study also revealed 44% of employees would be happier if their employer gave them a small pay rise. 

These job seekers want to work for organisations that actively encourage new ideas, give continuous feedback and provide ongoing growth and development opportunities. These job seekers are prone to value experiences over following traditional career paths; they would rather learn new skills and gain new experiences than focus on climbing the corporate ladder.  

Organisations that take on an innovative approach to the traditional workplace environment will stand to gain in the long run; scrums, hackathons, project teams and boot camps offer employees at all different levels within your organisation the opportunity to actively participate and make a contribution.

Organisations with a clear understanding of who they are, why they exist, and the type of talent they want to attract will be much better positioned to engage the job seekers of 2018.

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