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Uninspired by your Line Manager? You’re not alone

Uninspired by your Line Manager? You’re not alone

If like me, getting out of bed in the morning is a day to day struggle in itself, the idea that heading into the office, led by a senior team who are equally as lacklustre is somewhat of a turnoff.

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked for some brilliant leaders. People who could inspire and communicate with their employees to really drive change and improve performance. But ask yourself this of your current employer: how inspired are you by their current level of leadership?

For example are you:

a) very satisfied and completely engaged in their vision
b) satisfied; to the point where you know about where the organisation is going and the role you will play within that
c) could do better; confused, uninspired and perplexed about the company’s direction

Hudson’s latest Talent Trends research highlights that the mood amongst the UK workforce is that of option C, could do better towards their senior leadership team and managers, with many workers feeling somewhat disillusioned, frustrated and unsatisfied with leadership at the head of their organisation.

Busting the leadership myth of the generations.

We surveyed over 1000 UK professionals asking how they rated the effectiveness of their senior leadership team and managers.
For the older generation, the senior team have clear room for improvement with 53% of those surveyed stating their Director we’re uninspiring, 43% struggled to provide a clear direction for the organisation and 44% failed to communicate regularly and openly.

However busting the myth that the younger generation don’t rate their elders, 63% said they believed their senior leadership team provided a clear vision for their organisation, providing a clear direction and making the business a great place to work.

Get your relationship back on track.

Leaders have room for improvement, particularly when it comes to being inspirational, but what impact does this have on your day to day vocation? Increased workload, burnout and less than motivating managers are all factors contributing to this wave of negativity, so here’s our 5 point checklist to get you back on the road to positivity and improve your relationship with your Manager.

1. Bring solutions 

Work place problems are ultimately, unavoidable. So support your manager by trying to work through any issues before bringing them to the table. By offering solutions, this will not only improve your experience, but also reputation and visibility status within the business as a valuable asset.

2. Anticipate needs

This only comes with time but don’t wait to be told what to do. If you know there’s an important meeting in a week’s time, let them know you’re already on top of it, giving them advance materials, offering to assist with newer projects and workload.

3. Make improvements

The status quo doesn't always represent the most effective way of doing business. Get your team together and discuss small improvements you can make that will have a big impact on your team or the organisation as a whole.

4. Have an opinion

Here, it’s always about finding the right time, but good managers will value a critical contribution.

5. Stay positive

It’s a drain to be around these people. Always moaning, having a whinge, but then never offering any solutions to fix it. If you can be the assertive, can-do, person who gets things done, that can only be a positive in any working relationship.

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