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Time to make your next move?

Time to make your next move?

Feeling overworked, underpaid? Are you challenged or motivated in your current role? 

Before you take the plunge and start looking for that new role it's worth considering how will you define your decision criteria.

Our advice is simple. Think carefully about what’s important to you. For many candidates salary is no longer the main driver, with many of our job seekers looking for career progression and development, project innovation and technical challenge as the next step. Strong Employer Brands are also topping the wishlist for job seekers. Businesses are becoming increasingly transparent so take the time to visit their website, social media feeds and employer recommendation sites like Glass Door. It’s never been easier to access information on your prospective employer so take advantage of the opportunity.

Are you feeling valued?

As the war for talent heats up,  retention remains a hot topic for many businesses. Attractive employers recognise the benefits and potential of a strong retention strategy. Not only will you benefit  through salary, bonuses,  career growth and  development but employers will gain a more loyal, productive and efficient team for their business. 

How does your employer measure up?

Here’s 5 ways to kick start your next career search

  1. Think about what motivates you and approach companies that match your values
  2. Plug into prospective company social networks and listen to the conversation
  3. Get visible to employers by posting on your social media channels
  4. Update your LinkedIn profile with specific key words
  5. Consider fixed term or interim opportunities with your target companies.

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