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Things you're doing wrong on LinkedIn

Things you're doing wrong on LinkedIn

Avoid contacting people and networking if your personal profile isn't updated with the latest information about you. Don't spam recruiters or employers, or share irrelevant content. Make sure you're saving job and people searches. And don't make your profile anonymous.


LinkedIn is a vital career tool in the new world of work.

But sometimes you'll make mistakes or faux pas without even realising it. After all, social media etiquette can be complicated!

Here are 7 things you should stop doing on LinkedIn...

1. Persisting with a bad profile picture

Always use a professional shot if you have one – preferably the same one you use for other social media accounts. 

If you don't have one, just have someone take a snap of you in work clothes against a plan, well-light background. 

2. Not using saved searches

LinkedIn lets you save up to 10 job searches and 3 people searches. 

You can also set weekly or monthly reminders whenever a person or role enters your saved search criteria.

3. Spamming

If you're frequently updating your profile, LinkedIn's default setting will alert your connection to any profile changes you make. Even if you're just correcting a typo!

Change your settings to be more discreet. 

4. Being a creep

But by discreet, we don't mean surreptitious.

You might think it's advantageous to change your settings to make your anonymous, but if people can't see your interest in their profile, how are you supposed to make a new connection?

There's a reason LinkedIn want people to see who's viewed their profile - it starts a conversation!

5. Uploading your CV

A hiring manager will look at both your CV and your LinkedIn profile. There's no point having both of those things be exactly the same.

Your LinkedIn profile can make more of the available visual elements and links. Don't let it go to waste.

6. Sharing irrelevant content

1st rule of social media sharing: keep the content, write or comment on relevant to the platform you're using.

Save the memes and the political content for your Facebook page. 

7. Playing the numbers game

We've said it before and we'll say it again – there's no point in having 500 contacts if you're not going to actually engage with any of them!

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