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The 5 most influential female online entrepreneurs of 2019

The 5 most influential female online entrepreneurs of 2019

Today is International Women’s Day, and in celebration of all the hardworking and results-driven women out there who are redefining business as we know it, we thought it wise to compile a shortlist of some of the many inspiring female entrepreneurs that are currently killing it in the online arena.

After careful research and consideration, here’s our list of the most influential female leaders you should be following this year - they’re bound to pop up on your radar soon if they haven’t already!

May Al-Karooni, Founder & CEO of Globechain 

London, United Kingdom

When it comes to the disposing of waste items, many businesses have to choose between one of two outcomes – recycle it or take it to a landfill. 

But as a charitable and environmentally-friendly alternative, May Al-Karoomi set up Globechain in 2013 to act as go-between for businesses looking to get rid of costly waste items (such as retail fixtures or construction materials) and people or communities who need them all over the world. 

Now with over 10,000 customers, from small organisations to international corporations, May’s vision has turned into a huge success. Based in London but operating on a global scale, Globechain has saved over 5.1 million kilos from the landfill and helped over 14,000 communities. It’s also highly beneficial to its partner organisations, which includes the likes of M&S, Nando’s and Arcadia, as it makes waste not only greener but more cost-effective.

Celine Lazorthes, Founder & CEO, Leetchi Group

Paris, France

Over a decade ago, Celine Lazorthes recognised the need for an online shared payment platform which allows people to easily collect and organise money for anything from birthday presents, to parties, to charity projects. 

So she went about creating, and it became a huge success with more than 12 million clients from 150 different countries. 

In 2013, Celine and her team tapped into the B2B market with MANGOPAY, an end-to-end payment solution for crowdfunding, marketplaces and FinTechs. 

And, not that you needed proof of Leetchi Group’s success, but the organisation was acquired by Credit Mutuel Arkéa for more than €50 Million in 2015.

Jasmine Crowe, Founder & CEO, Goodr

Atlanta, US 

Inspired by the belief that ‘hunger isn’t a scarcity issue, it’s a logistics issue’, Jasmine Crowe established Goodr in 2017 to help improve food access and eliminate unnecessary waste. 

Based in Atlanta in the US, Goodr is a food management platform that coordinates the donations of excess food to charities, but unlike many similar initiatives, the organisation actually charges businesses to free them of their food. 

Why? Goodr is fully compliant with the tax department, meaning organisations benefit from significant tax benefits. And its powered by blockchain technology, meaning organisations can track their surplus food waste from pickup to donation in real-time. 

Elizabeth Varley, Co-founder & CEO, TechHub

London, United Kingdom

With the chief aim of supporting East London’s tech marketplace, Elizabeth Varley co-founded TechHub in 2009 to act as a global community for tech entrepreneurs and startups.  

Now having helped support the growth of over 750 different companies across the world, from small one-person startups to fast scaling 50-100 people teams, TechHub has operations in Bangalore, Bucharest, Berlin and Riga, as well as in Manchester and Swansea.

TechHub offers entrepreneurs and startups everything from peer-mentoring, to investor introductions and meetings, to learning and development opportunities, and in 2016, the firm partnered with Google for Entrepreneurs, giving all TechHub members worldwide access to Google programmes and support.

Sharala Axryd, Founder & Group CEO, The Center of Applied Data Science

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As a passionate lover of data science, the Kuala Lumpur based former telecommunications professional turned entrepreneur, Sharala Axryd, wanted to set the benchmark for data science education in Asia and empower the next generation of data science professionals.

In 2013, Sharala put her plans into action by establishing the Center of Applied Data Science (CADS), the first and only one-stop platform and incubation center for data science. And in 2016, she helped launch Asia’s first data science accelerator programme, as well as spearheading an initiative with the Harvard Business School to support Malaysia’s national agenda to be the hub for big data analytics.

While the women featured on this list deserve all the attention they can get, there’s plenty of examples of extraordinary women making waves in the online space right now that we couldn’t mention, such as Amali de Alwis of Code First: Girls, and Tabitha Goldstaub of CognitionX, who were included in our recent Ones to watch: The 5 most influential senior leaders of fast-growing organisations.

Today, International Women's Day belongs to all groups, collectively, everywhere. Make IWD your day everyday!

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