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Tech & Digital in the UK – the big trends for 2021

Tech & Digital in the UK – the big trends for 2021

Despite a momentous year and with the rise in remote working, the relentless march of technology hasn’t stopped. The demand for top tech and digital talent in the UK remains buoyant as organisations shift their attention to shoring up their online infrastructures to take their organisations into the digital age.

Did you know that the greatest rise in the supply of talent has been for the role of growth hacker (up 24%) followed by back-end developers (13%) in England’s Tech & Digital sector? In Scotland, the top two increases can be attributed to digital project managers (18%) and data scientists (14%). 

These statistics, taken from the Morgan Philips 2021 Tech & Digital Salary Guides – for the English and Scottish markets – provide organisations with the insight they need to make informed decisions for hiring top tech talent in 35+ key roles. They have been compiled by our team of experts in the Tech & Digital sector based on their knowledge and research of the market.

“Whether it’s for all roles associated with data, such as CDOs, data scientists or data analysts or the spectrum of development and digital roles, the hunt  is well and truly on for top talent,” says Dan Benson, Managing Director, Executive Search at Morgan Philips Group. “We’ve seen a marked increase in the demand for UX, UI, CRM and e-commerce roles as organisations have had to really ensure that their online and digital platforms are fit for purpose.”

Closing the gender gap

The findings also reveal the uneven split between men and women occupying tech and digital positions. As our research reveals, there are only 5% of women working as infrastructure architects in Scotland and 8% as IT architects in England. Interestingly, 64% of social media managers are women in both countries – one of four (Scotland) and five (England) roles where women outnumber men.

“Whether you’re interested in knowing more about the actual roles and responsibilities, or the average tenure and the number of job moves over the last 12 months, you’ll be able to see all that information at a glance,” adds Andrew Dunbar, Head of Technology, Digital & Marketing at Morgan Philips Group. “Gender imbalance is an ongoing concern although we are seeing a gradual rise in the number of women pursuing tech and digital careers.”

If you want to learn more or discuss your hiring need, email if you’re based in England or for Scotland.

You can download the free guides by clicking on the links below:

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Tech & Digital Salary Guide 2021 (Scotland)

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