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Struggling to find the time to do your own ‘Soorcing’?

Struggling to find the time to do your own ‘Soorcing’?

Are you looking for a cost-effective candidate sourcing volume service? Need to find a regular flow of people for your customer service, sales or insurance claims handling teams? Want your pick of the best candidates for your high potential programmes?

Welcome to Soorcing, our new flexible service that identifies the most relevant candidates for roles across multiple sectors – individuals who not only have the right set of skills but are interested in working for your organisation.

Emmanuelle Ottavi is Soorcing’s Managing Director based in Paris. Here she answers some of your questions.

Is this a pre-screening solution only?
Yes, that’s right. At the start of each assignment, we have a meeting with the client during which our multilingual researchers – who carry out the searches – are briefed. This is a first critical step to ensure that we’re all on the same page. We ask the client to explain their role requirements, including relevant keywords and job description criteria. 

You then do the screening by phone…
Correct. The client provides us with four ‘non-negotiable’ requirements that are essential for the role. These ‘closed’ questions could be about job location, salary, specific experience, language proficiency etc. If the candidate meets these requirements, we put them forward for the role, adding them to our dedicated portal where the client has access to their own candidate database.

How can Soorcing fill a niche in the market?
Clients can choose from different packages and they sign up for three to six months depending on the nature of the assignment. What Soorcing does is take away the burden of searching and pre-screening from the client. This is always the most time consuming part of the recruitment process. So it frees up their internal HR teams who can then focus on interviews and making the hiring decisions. The client knows that a) the candidate in question fits their requirements and b) they are interested in the role and want to work for the company. 

What else do you offer the client?
Our service also includes the recording of a video ad and promotion on social media and job boards, so we are widening the reach of the organisation’s roles and are therefore able to attract a better quality of candidate. The video itself is of a person in the same role as the one being recruited for – for example, we recently made a video with a retail store director. Who better to talk about the job than the very person who does it day in day out? We then send the video to interested candidates, so they can see if it’s right for them.  

Explain how the interaction with the client works…
Researchers and project coordinators can communicate directly with the client who has our details and can talk to us whenever they wish. It’s something we actively encourage. Our availability to answer questions is very important. The portal has an online diary/calendar solution too, so once the candidate meets the criteria and is interested, our researchers can set up a meeting directly with the client. That way, there is no risk of losing a candidate through lack of engagement as they know the client will be in touch. 

Are there any new developments in the pipeline?
Our portal has received excellent feedback. It avoids the spamming of inboxes. Clients have all the information online, can accept or reject candidates, take notes and print reports. We can see who’s been invited to interview or not made the cut. These are key metrics and KPIs which underpin the success of the whole process. If we’re not meeting expectations, then we need to know why! So we are always looking to improve, in terms of solutions, service and technology. We have lots of innovations coming in 2021, so watch this space!

What about pricing?
We charge for a three or six month subscription, but it’s for an unlimited number of candidates. Typically, we can find anywhere between 5 and 12 candidates every day for each role, although that depends on the job and sector.  

If you’d like to know more about our various Soorcing packages, you can contact Emmanuelle on + 33 (0) 6 35 26 03 73 or email

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