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Smart leadership will be the driver of success

Smart leadership will be the driver of success

Leadership has become a hot topic in political circles following the recent General Election. For the less successful parties this time around the challenge is to elect smart leaders who can create success for their stakeholders. 

What’s interesting, of course, is that for many of the parties now witnessing leadership battles, there do not appear to be natural successors to the previous incumbents. And party members face some important questions. Do they know what they need in a future leader to create success? Do they have the right talent within the party with the necessary capabilities and attributes and who are ready to step up?

Having the right people in leadership positions, as well as ensuring there is a steady line of new talent coming through, is fundamental for any organisation.  Just like the political parties, leadership within companies needs to be carefully considered to ensure the right people are in the right jobs at the right time.

Business leaders could do better

Our latest research, Talent Trends, surveyed over 1000 professionals across the UK asking them to rank the performance of their senior leadership and line managers relating to key attributes.

The attributes included whether they have a clear vision for the organisation, do they inspire and do they provide clear direction for the organisation?

The data showed that leaders have room for improvement across most areas which are defined as leadership.

For example, almost a half (46%) of 25-34 year olds indicated they didn’t find their leadership team particularly inspirational.

Engaging with employees across all skill sets and demographics is a critical part of any leadership role at all levels of leadership.  As companies look to focus their workforces upon growth, this enabler of success is becoming even more important.

What organisations must do

The need to retain high potentials, as well as attract them is a battle that is constant within any organisation that desires success.

Leaders and line managers who are able to inspire, connect and help develop their high potentials will be the ones who are able to bring energy, innovation and high performance within their organisation.

We are already seeing organisations reacting to this with an increase in talent and leadership development appointments. Identifying what skills the organisation currently has and what will be required for the future will be critical to the success of any organisation.

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