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Signs you've made a bad career decision

Signs you've made a bad career decision

  • Your personal circumstances are influncing your career decisions

  • You are letting the perks of the job cloud your judgement

  • You keep having to convince yourself it's the right decision

  • You're thinking with your heart and not your head.


Some career decisions are straightforward, others not so much.

Sometimes what's best for your career can be tough to determine when you're faced with a difficult choice – whether it's leaving a company or staying onboard.

Here are 4 signs you're about to make the wrong decision...

1. You're desperate

It's not a nice feeling being stuck at a company you hate – a place where you feel undervalued, underpaid and overworked. But sometimes your exit route isn't always a good one. 

Sit back and think – would you really be considering this offer if you were under any other circumstances? Would you ever think about joining the company if you weren't so unhappy in your current situation?

Stay calm and continue your search – a job offer should only be an exciting new opportunity to further your career, not just an escape route from a bad situation. 

2. You're not motivated by the right things

What do you really value in a job? Work-life balance, salary? New challenges? Career advancement? Maybe even a swish office space?

The truth is, it's probably a combination of these and a few other factors. And so long as they're things that are genuinely important to you, it's a great way to weigh up your options. 

People might be quick to chime in with something like: "you have to take this job! Look at how much money they're offering you" or even "don't bother joining them, their website looks cheap". 

If you find yourself being influenced by one or two issues you'd otherwise never consider, you're almost definitely not truly set on your decision. 

3. You have to talk yourself into it

When you're faced with making a significant career decision, you should always weigh up your options clearly, carefully and objectively. 

But don't fall into the trap of over-hyping certain perks or advantages to make you feel like it's the best call. 

You may need to sleep on it, or you may even need a week to think it over, but one way or another, the right answer should come naturally to you at some point. 

If you find a reason for your decision contains the phrase: "at least", then you're probably trying to talk yourself into it

4. You’re letting emotions cloud your judgement

There’s a simple maxim for when you’re making a career decision – think with your head before your heart.

Now, like with any rule, there is always an exception. The exception in this case is if you’re completely motivated to make your decision by a love for what you do. But love is the only exception.

Other emotions, like say, anger, bitterness or fear, are NOT acceptable emotions to motivate a career decision. Remember, cooler heads always prevail! 

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