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Signs I should leave my job

Signs I should leave my job

You've stopped learning. You're not getting any feedback or support. You're not making any decisions. You struggle to relate to your colleagues. You get no recognition.


People put up with stuff a lot longer than we should – we're always willing to give something just a little more time to work itself out.

But sometimes you have to step back and take a proper look at your situation. You might think you should be grateful for your job, but is that really the case?

Here are 5 surefire signs your job doesn't deserve you for another year…

1. You're not learning anything new

Once you've perfected your current work tasks, it's time to start looking beyond your remit and exploring new things at the company. 

But if your manager isn't willing to introduce you to anything new in the business, it's time you move on to somewhere you can advance your skillset and experience profile. 

2. You're not getting feedback

When feedback on your work starts to tail off, initially you're likely to be pleased – it just means you've become perfect at your job, right?

Not exactly. More than likely, it just means they don't care enough to help you learn and develop beyond the short-term.

3. You're out of the loop

Are big decisions at the company being made without your knowledge? Are there changes being made to your department with your consultation? 

The likelihood is that they just don't value your opinion, your role or even your department enough to let you know. 

4. No one seems to be on your level

Are people struggling to get where you're coming from? Do they not understand what how you're trying to approach certain tasks? 

Not everyone is going to be on your wavelength, but people should at least appreciate where your individual goals and priorities lie – you'll never get the proper support to achieve them otherwise!

5. You've never been rewarded

Look back over the whole time you've been there – other than a pat on the back, what have you ever been given as a sign of gratitude?

We're not necessarily talking about a pay rise – it could be any gesture of goodwill or reward. If you you’ve never had one, it's because they've never made the effort to notice your efforts in the first place.

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