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Roche Case Study

Roche Case Study

Roche Holding AG is one of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies. Headquartered in Basel in Switzerland, Roche develops medicines and diagnostics for patients all over the globe.

Hudson's Talent Management team was asked to help understand the strengths, development areas and potential of all managers across Europe. Not just at an individual level, but also at country and regional levels.

The first thing we did was determine the core future competencies. We did this by using our 5+1 competency model and applying our Competency Workshop approach.

We designed a half-day assessment-for-development centre for Commercial Managers, while Commercial Leaders took part in one of our Learning Centres where the focus was more on feedback, dialogue and new management skills.

We also employed psychometric measures to understand people's preferred ways of working and learning styles, in-depth structured interview to evaluate real-life approaches, and bespoke business case studies to understand their analysis and presentation skills.

Overall, 188 Commercial Managers across 15 countries participated in the Centres. All were delivered in the local language, coordinated by dedicated project and centre managers to ensure smooth delivery.

Each participant subsequently received extensive feedback, including detailed reports, one-to-one feedback and even development planning.

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