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Morgan Philips' New Agility Model

Once upon a time the world was more predictable - we could plan ahead of time with confidence that cause and effect was stable. The new world require new rules.

The VUCA world calls for a different kind of organisational player – someone who senses what is happening around them, then responds proactively and independently, in ways that aligns with business purpose and objectives.

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Agility - Unlocking the potential of Individuals and Teams

In this must read Executive Briefing, you'll learn:

  • Find out how agility can be unlocked in your organisation
  • Learn how to measure agility for assessment and development purposes
  • Discover how to develop agility in individuals and teams

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Our innovative new performance framework

t.Frame is our simple yet powerful framework that allows you to easily understand the behavioural potential and capabilities of your talent.

Based on today's new world of work and the need to thrive in dynamic landscapes, we've defined our own unique agility model which sits at the very heart of the framework, representing the pace at which assessed potential may be unlocked.

Agility framework by Morgan Philips - infographic

Our unique Morgan Philips talent framework, powered by the WAVE assessment

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Our definition of learning agility:

"The ability to work with insight, flexibility and confidence in response to challenging and changing circumstances."

A uniquely defined perspective for

  • Selection assessment
  • Succession planning
  • Readiness for role transition / promotion
  • Development / learning centres
  • Outplacement
  • On-boarding executive coaching
  • Executive leadership coaching

It helps organisations understand a person’s potential to operate in a future role or the pace at which potential is unlocked.

Agility is considered across 3 key aspects

Morgan Philips agility framework - inner and outer agility - infographics
  • People Agility: Understanding self and others, and acting with empathy and interpersonal insight to achieve results ("empathy and emotional intelligence")
  • Performance agility: Dealing with pressure, being resilient, flexing and adapting plans to meet objectives
  • Growth Agility: Openness to learn from experience and drive for improvements ("fixed/growth mindset")

Why Morgan Philips Talent Consulting?

Scientifically proven solutions
A new behavioural framework
Innovative methodologies for the new world of work
Industry leading experts
Data-driven solutions
A state of the art research team.

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