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How to navigate a changing landscape world of work ?

Get the insights from our CEO’s book.

e-book Charles-Henri Dumon FROM NWOW TO WWOW


How to navigate a changing landscape

One of the pandemic’s most challenging aspects was the continuous state of uncertainty it perpetuated on top of the hellishly fast pace of digital, environmental, sociological and demographic change.

With this book, Charles-Henri Dumon invites readers to stand back and take stock of the effect all these changes had - and still have - on the new world of work, and how it alters the thinking and behaviour of top-performing employees.

This book aims to assist talented individuals to find their way in these turbulent times so they can rise to the top. At the same time, it seeks to help organisations to comprehend the enormity of the challenges posed by the new world of work and be successful in this ever-changing environment.

It is also aimed at young people who face a very different world from that of their parents, equipping them with the tools they need to create new opportunities in terms of what is fundamental to them, i.e. their lives, careers, working practices, priorities and the meaning they ascribe to work.

This book also aspires to guide organisations as well as their CEOs and human resource managers by exploring new ways of consolidating and championing innovation and transformation.

The time has come to find new ways to create a more harmonious and humane world of work; one that aims above all not to leave so many people behind.

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Chapter 1 : Why we need to go back to the office (to some extent) or the limitations of remote working
Chapter 2 : The new world of work and loneliness
Chapter 3 : The demise of communities
Chapter 4 : Work offering a sense of purpose – doing well by doing good!


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Chapter 5 : Company culture
Chapter 6 : Working to live instead of living to work
Chapter 7 : Generation Y/Millennials
Chapter 8 : Employer brand, a magnet for attracting talent
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Chapter 9 : Finding the best candidates in the new world of work
Chapter 10 : Hiring the best candidates in the new world of work
Chapter 11 : Hiring and cognitive biases
Chapter 12 : Job interviews – what type of recruiter are you?
Chapter 13 : The phone interview: how to get it right!
Chapter 14 : The advent of virtual talent networks
Chapter 15 : Video CV: the new CV?
Chapter 16 : If you could only ask one question what would it be?
Chapter 17 : There is no such thing as the perfect candidate
Chapter 18 : Why you should use a head-hunter or recruitment agency
Chapter 19 : Leadership and recruitment
Chapter 20 : Innovations to watch
Chapter 21 : The advent of the geeks and freaks or the end of the nerds and swots
Chapter 22 : The era of empathy
Chapter 23 : Courage – key to our survival today
Chapter 24 : Intelligence – the new Eldorado
Chapter 25 : Luck
Chapter 26 : Trust
Chapter 27 : Ambition
Chapter 28 : Agility is key
Chapter 29 : Qualities the best leaders need to have in the new world of work
Chapter 30 : Looking the part
Chapter 31 : Silence is golden
Chapter 32 : Freelancing – the future of work?
Chapter 33 : Human Cloud
Chapter 34 : The new world of work – a new social contract and a new tax contract
Chapter 35 : The advent of the digital nomads
Chapter 36 : The rise of ‘flash organisations’
Chapter 37 : Upskilling – the continuous acquisition of new skills
Chapter 38 : The end of the manager
Chapter 39 : Crisis leadership
Chapter 40 : Surfing and management – a model for success in the new world of work
Chapter 41 : A few more tips for thriving in the new world of work
Chapter 42 : Learning how to do nothing
Chapter 43 : Modernising the education system
Chapter 44 : English as the lingua franca
Chapter 45 : Artificial intelligence
Chapter 46 : The era of the trolls
Chapter 47 : Robots versus humans
Chapter 48 : The end of retirement
Chapter 49 : Hybrid contracts anyone?
Chapter 50 : Changing demographics


As CEO and Founder of Morgan Philips Group, Charles-Henri oversees the talent solutions firm and all its businesses on a global scale. An entrepreneur at heart, Charles-Henri’s commitment to investing in the latest digital and data-led solutions, and disrupting conventional approaches to talent solutions, is what led him to launch Morgan Philips Group in 2013 alongside co-founders François Sallembien, Samuel Tamagnaud and Pascal Tour.

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