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Post-Brexit, recruiters must show their faith in the UK talent pool

Post-Brexit, recruiters must show their faith in the UK talent pool

With news of a UK labour shortage caused by the Brexit vote, where does this leave employers based in the UK? What will the exodus of non-UK nationals really mean? How will it affect your bottom line?

One thing that is inextricable from the bottom line is talent. Potential restrictions on the freedom of movement among the biggest concerns for hiring managers up and down the country.

So this got me thinking. We place thousands of candidates every year across the UK. We also know a fair bit about them. What if we could offer up some intel to give a ‘state of play’ statistic around the origin and movement of our recently placed candidates?

That’s exactly what we did.

Our data shows 85% of candidates placed in the last 18 months with our customers were British.

For those of you in in sectors starved of talent outside of the UK, that’s potentially a tough stat to digest. But for those sectors less reliant on EU worker expertise or international talent, this should restore confidence in a big way. To all our customers we hope this will provide some comfort around our ability to source talent from within our own shores.

Talent is here and, with the right approach, it’s here to be nurtured and grown in the UK. This may mean a greater focus on coaching, development and training, but is that such a bad thing?

Just 9% of our candidates placed were from the EU and 6% were from the rest of the world.

How does this stack up against our competitors? We don’t know – we’ve heard nothing yet, but hopefully they might corroborate our findings.

I’m calling on them now to follow Morgan Philips Group lead in sharing and publishing what they can around their candidate intelligence.

The future is uncertain – this we know. But developing your people should be at the top of your talent agenda in the new world of work.

And these aren't the only numbers we'll be revealing. We'll soon be taking a look at the breakdown between temp and perm, and even speaking to our EU candidates to get their views. Stay tuned!

It’s time for recruiters to show their faith in the UK talent pool and give them their due. We’ve got the ball rolling, now it’s over to them…

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