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Morgan Philips Global

A podcast dedicated to the latest global recruitment
and talent consulting insights

Whether you’re hiring or looking for your next job, keep up to date with the latest developments in recruitment and talent consulting. Our experts and guest speakers cover all aspects of the jobs market, from both an employer and candidate perspective.

Check out our Morgan Philips New World of Work podcast episodes!

'I am privileged to have a spot on this earth'

Claire Nelson, CEO of Netball Scotland, talks about where her drive comes from and her unwavering desire to make a difference. Claire is committed to using her platform and voice to inspire others. You can read her two-part interview at

'Individually we are passionate, collectively we are powerful'

Luke O'Mahoney, People & Operations Manager at The Fuel Store, talks to us about the hiring and talent attraction challenges during Covid, employer brand, skills and competencies, human optimisation, development, diversity and ‘just in time’ learning. #Fuelers #FuelerFamily #FuelerWay

The link between learning and lasagne

Luke O'Mahoney, People & Operations Manager at The Fuel Store talks about 'just in time' learning with the help of a favourite Italian pasta dish. Buon appetito!

Leadership interview: Chuck Feltz, CEO, Human Capital Institute (HCI)

We chatted to Chuck Feltz about the role of HR as a strategic business partner, the 'new clarity', remote working, business strategy, authenticity, intentional leadership and some great advice on how to fulfil your career potential!

Business strategy: Mike Tyson quote

A quote from former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has impacted the way that Chuck Feltz, CEO of the Human Capital Institute (HCI) thinks about business strategy. 

Big interview: Gary McLelland, Head of Solutions, Morrison Utility Services

We caught up with Gary McLelland, Head of Solutions at Morrison Utility Services to discuss how the pandemic affected his team's delivery of key projects and the skills he looks for when hiring for tech roles.


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