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JD Wetherspoon Case Study

JD Wetherspoon Case Study

A national chain of award-winning pubs and hotels, JD Wetherspoon is one of the UK's most well-known brands.

JD Wetherspoon (JDW) initially approached us on a one-off basis, after we offered our knowledge and expertise to their IT Director.

JDW's IT department was technologically undeveloped at the time, and mainly worked as a break and fix operation. Essentially, it just wasn't an IT department that worked towards delivering its own solutions.

The first thing we did was meet with the JDW line managers to really understand their requirements. Not just in terms of skills and experience, but also the culture and dynamic of the team and department.

We then carried out an extensive search, followed by face-to-face interviews.

With all the information we had gathered from the process, we gave JDW thorough, in-depth interview notes with each candidate's CV and a detailed cover sheet.

Together, we successfully placed a candidate. 

And since that initial placement, we've continued to support JDW's IT team, taking them from just a handful of PMs to a formally structured department of more than 40 people.

To date, we've made more 50 placements in five years. Roles have ranged from IT Managers and Business Analysts to Developers and Heads of Projects.

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