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How to search for a new job

How to search for a new job

This article includes simple tips for finding a new job, such as:

  • Refining your job search as much as possible to save time
  • Putting effort into each application instead of applying for everything
  • Being smart in your choices and honest with yourself about what you want
  • Not stretching yourself too thin - you will tire out.

Hunting for a new job is a tough, often-frantic process.

But it's important you make sure you're following the proper advice and doing your job search right.

Here are the 5 do's and 5 don'ts of your job search...

Do: Narrow it down

If your search is bringing up more than 30 jobs at a time, your search is too broad! Save yourself time and effort by refining your job search with relevant filters. 

Don't: Apply to as many jobs as possible

Never apply to as many you can find. If you're doing this, you're not giving each application the proper time and attention. It also means you probably aren't sure what you actually want.

Do: Tailor your application 

Don't be afraid to create a few different versions of your CV and draft plenty of different cover letters.

Don't: Apply ASAP

There's no need to rush. You'll be surprised at what you might miss!

Do: Network

There's no harm in job searching the old-fashioned way, too! Read networking tips here.

Don't: Expect instant results

Unless you're extremely lucky, the job search will always be a long, tough process – but it's worth it in the end!

Do: Follow up

Never be afraid to frequently remind a hiring manager of just how much you want this job.

Don't: Be blatant

Don't browse jobs on your lunch break and turn off LinkedIn notifications for when you update your profile – your current employer isn't stupid!

Do: Push yourself

Do your homework, make each new application the best you've ever sent, and proof like you've never proofed before.

Don't: But don't overstretch yourself!

Push yourself, but don't go applying for jobs you aren't equipped to do just yet – it's just a waste of your time!

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