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How to return to law after a career break

How to return to law after a career break

Those familiar with the legal landscape know how it intense a law career is. For those who have taken a break from their legal career, whatever the reason, it might feel intimating to re-enter the practise. It is possible, however, and if prepared correctly, a return can go smoother than expected.

Yes, preparation is crucial and forms of the better part of our tips. Here is our advice on how to land a smooth return to law after taking a break.

Review your skills and knowledge

Are you up-to-date with relevant law changes in your industry? To brush up on your knowledge pool, research trending topics online and follow industry magazines on social media so that you have a working, contemporary knowledge of the sector. Free resources offered by the Law Society Chambers and LawCareersNet are a good start.

During your career break, did you pick-up on any transferrable skills? Agility and resilience, for example, are in demand skills for the modern way of working – how has this break built upon the softer skills in your repertoire?

Update your profile

Although obvious, it is nevertheless essential to have an up-to-date CV and online presence. Make it clear when, and for how long, you career break was, as well as laying out your career role goals in your profile’s personal statement.

Connect with and build upon your network

If the right opportunity hasn’t revealed itself yet, then consider reaching out to old peers and colleagues to discuss your career plans. Those familiar with you, such as your previous firm’s alumni network, already know what you can offer and will likely to recommend you to roles or hiring managers that have a gap that you can fill.

Click here for more tips on how to network.

Renew your practising certificate and complete competence reviews

In order to be on the roll of solicitors, you will need a practising certificate. You can use your mySRA account for a fee of £20; the renewal is a quick process and is an essential part of your return to law.

In addition to this, you must prove that you’re competent to practise by meeting the competencies set out in the competence statement, which is made up of three parts:

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