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How to prepare for online and interview assessments

How to prepare for online and interview assessments

What are they?

Online Assessments are processes used to measure aspects of a person for a specific purpose. In relation to the recruitment process there is a variety of tests and exercises designed to determine certain thought processes and behaviours of individuals. This is based on the principle that particular jobs are best suited to individuals with a distinct behavioural style and set of cognitive abilities that align with the tasks and responsibilities required in that role.

Often during these assessments you will be completing interactive exercises, which will assess your behaviour in a totally new context. It may take you out of your everyday environment and tasks, and looks at how you react in situations you are not familiar with. They can seem challenging at times but they can be really fascinating, some people even find them fun.

Why might I need to complete online assessments?

Assessments such as motivational behaviour, psychometric and abstract reasoning are often used as part of a recruitment process alongside interviews as a way of determining if you are suitable for the role, the team and the company environment. Employers and recruitment specialists are increasingly adopting a range of assessments in the decision making processes when looking at best matches to an employment opportunity. This is standard practice these days and is certainly not something you should be concerned about. When you go through the results of your assessments you can often learn a lot about yourself.

How can I prepare for an online assessment?

If you have never completed an online assessment before or haven’t for some time, the idea of it can seem daunting. The best way to conquer your fear is to complete some practice assessments online beforehand. Even if they are not quite the same as you will need to do as part of your interview process, they will give you some idea of what to expect, which is always more settling than being in the dark.

It is important to note that there are no specific right or wrong answers, so practicing shouldn’t be in an attempt to excel at a particular test. The idea of these assessments is to discover your true individual characteristics, thought processes, strengths and weaknesses so that you and your future employer can determine how suitable you are for the role and how best to utilise your unique traits within the role. So it’s best not to try and second guess what you believe the ‘right’ answer might be, just be honest. 

What else can I do to prepare?

Like most things you want to prepare for, a good night’s sleep, a decent meal and some water before-hand are some of the best ways to prepare for assessments and interviews. No matter the task you will always feel more comfortable when you are well rested and feeling your best, so as much as possible you want to try and prepare yourself, your body and clear your mind. 

Finally when it's time to take the assessment, always make sure you read the instructions carefully, set time aside and take appropriate measures to ensure you avoid interruptions.

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