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How to get over a mid career slump in 3 simple steps

How to get over a mid career slump in 3 simple steps

It’s hard to admit when you're going through a mid-career slump.

But if you've been at the same company in the same role for a few years now, it's inevitable things will start to get stale.

Career trajectories don't work autonomously – sometimes you need to step in and make a change for yourself. Here are three great ways you can combat your mid-career slump...

1. Revisit your last career plan 

Cast your mind back to the last time you really thought about where your career was going and the roadmap you created to help you get there.

It may have been within the last year, it may have been a decade ago. However overdue it is, you should think about the objectives you set yourself then. Then you should honestly assess your progress towards them so far.

Did you expect a higher salary by this point? Did you expect to be working in a different department or organisation? Did you expect to be working in a different industry altogether?

Remember, career planning has changed. You shouldn't feel shackled to an upward career trajectory like before. If it takes a sideways move to try something new and re-engage with your work and career, so be it!

2. Think about your work-life balance

Our research has shown work-life balance is becoming increasingly important for employees.

A better work-life balance doesn't just mean more time off – it means creating more flexible working arrangements. Think about the arrangements you've worked under in the past and how productive they've made you. A change to your schedule and work style could be just the thing to get you back on track.

Similarly, if you've been working yourself into the ground for years now to get to where you are, now might be the time to think about taking more time for yourself. After all, what's the point in working hard to earn more money if you've got no time to spend it?

3. Take a proper look at your network

We don't just mean on LinkedIn. We mean the business cards in your wallet. We mean every email address you have in your contacts. We mean every hand you've ever shook in a business context.

Look over all of them and ask yourself: who on this list can truly be valuable to your career? If necessary, make an audit of your network. There's no better way to clear your canvas and start again.

Those who remain should only be those who can help you get where you want to go – whether it's actual job opportunities or guidance and mentoring. Get out there and get talking to people again. You never know who might inspire you.

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