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Harpur Trust Case Study

Harpur Trust Case Study

A grant-making charity based in Bedfordshire, Harpur Trust works tirelessly to support and promote education, community projects and general welfare of people in the area. 

Having already placed an HR Manager for the organisation, we were called again to help them place a new HR Director.

Our brief stated we'd need to find someone with extensive commercial experience, a strong academic background with proven experience of working on strategic reward projects, and stakeholder manager skills.

First, our  team met with Harpur Trust's CEO to gain better understanding of the qualities, experience and track record they were looking for.

This was where our in-depth knowledge of the organisation's culture and our track record in appointing senior HR professionals really came into its own.

Our team managed to provide a digital solution and search method to find the best candidates for the role.

We came up with a comprehensive assessment process for all candidates, including a detailed initial telephone screening, a full competency-based interview and psychometric testing (the BAQ).

Following the process, we were left with a shortlist of five great candidates – one of which Harpur Trust subsequently appointed.

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