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Greystar Case Study

Greystar Case Study

Greystar is an American real estate company. Until recently, they had no presence in the UK. Therefore, they needed local market expertise to build a senior management team for their UK operation.

Greystar needed several crucial placements, including a Managing Director, HR Director, Head of UK Finance, Marketing Director, IT and Ops Trainer, plus two Property Managers.

After considering four or five global agencies, Greystar selected Morgan Philips Group (Formerly Hudson) to help with their campaign.

Our first step was to analyse each role in depth. We then set about adapting US job descriptions and salaries for the UK market, discussing skills and experiences, and building a picture of Greystar's culture.

To help with the task, we also brought in supporting team members from Legal and HR, Talent Management, Commercial and Invoicing, Reporting and Analytics, and more.

From there, we devised a tailored solution. We used everything from a campaign microsite to targeted and database search to find the right shortlist of candidates. 

Once we conducted our search, we started to assess the suitable candidates and carry out competency-based interviews. We also undertook psychometric and technical testing.

Then our final shortlist was drawn up. 

We presented CVs, in-depth interview notes and test results of each candidate to Greystar. We arranged the interviews and in some cases attended final panel interviews so that we could offer advice and insight wherever possible.

The outcome? 100 percent success.

We managed to recruit all of the positions in the initial project, including the Marketing Director, HR Director, Head of UK Finance, IT Trainer and a Finance Analyst.

Greystar were impressed with our fast, efficient and accurate approach. Since then, we've continued to support Greystar's ongoing talent requirements.

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