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Fyte UK hosts legal networking event: Being Agile and Unlocking Potential

Fyte UK hosts legal networking event: Being Agile and Unlocking Potential

This week, the Fyte team in London collaborated with Knowse, a legal networking events organiser, to host a seminar on Agility in the workplace. By bringing together likeminded legal professionals to learn about the value of Agility, we endeavoured to ignite thoughtful and light-hearted conversation about the way we develop our professional selves.

The core presentation, titled ‘Being Agile and Unlocking Potential’, was presented by our very own Phil Jefferis of the Morgan Philips Talent Consulting team. As a business psychologist, Phil works with clients to assess potential, support the succession planning strategy of organisations, and build leadership capabilities. He relayed some of his specialist advice to an audience of legal professionals on how their career progression would benefit with more awareness of Agility.

In his motivational talk, Phil drew attention to how "awareness of personal strengths and vulnerabilities is vital to navigate interpersonal dynamics successfully. Self-defeating behaviours such as being rigid, hostile, overcommitted, suspicious and defensive kill off, rather than build, trust. Relationships need to be proactively fostered."

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To get in touch with Phil Jefferis, do not hesisate to email him at

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