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Fyte Celebrates a Successful First Year in Poland

Fyte Celebrates a Successful First Year in Poland

A year after its launch, Fyte is thrilled to mark a flourishing first year in the Polish market, buoyed by the demand for talent driven by incoming global enterprises. 

With more attention directed to Poland’s fast-growing industry, Fyte successfully leverages video technology to demonstrate an innovative and engaging approach to talent acquisition. With the ongoing struggle to identify and retain suitable talent, Fyte’s video capability enables companies to showcase their job ads more effectively and humanize the hiring process for a forward-thinking workforce.

"It has been a great year of growth for Fyte in Poland. We are honored to serve our clients by helping them find the right talent for their recruitment needs thanks to our innovative and cost-effective recruitment methodology with video at its core." - Alexis de Bretteville, Deputy CEO of Morgan Philips.

For a generation seeking out more personalized approaches to their career path, Fyte has indeed emerged as a leading support network to ambitious professionals looking for the next step. In recent decades, Poland has initially been challenged by larger hubs such as Berlin and London in retaining a promising local talent. Now, however, the improving Polish economy and out-of-the-box business acumen of growing companies has attracted a new wave of expats looking to return to Poland.

"Poland has become a hub for shared services centers, with many multinationals setting up operations, requiring the right talent to fill their many entry and mid-level positions. The nature of talent requirements lends itself perfectly to our digital and video recruitment methodology, which is key to helping us match the needs of our clients with the best caliber of person for their varied job roles." - Jolanta Samul Kowalska, Managing Director of Morgan Philips Poland.

With a background of working in a range of different countries, this fresh talent comes with a new set of technical skills and expertise ready to be nurtured by Polish investment. These skills, such as digital or languages, are explored in further detail by Anna Kowalczyk, the head of Fyte in Poland, who offers some fresh insight here.

Fyte in Poland specialises in permanent recruitment across different sectors, focusing mainly on IT, Finance and Accounting, HR, and Customer Services.

For any of your hiring needs in Poland, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Anna by emailing her on or, alternatively, if you are seeking new opportunities, please browse our job offerings here.

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