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Five reasons to employ a contractor

Five reasons to employ a contractor

As the commercial landscape continues to evolve, businesses are even more conscious of being able to adapt to the ever-changing economic environment.  As a result, many organisations have started to shake up their recruitment model leaning more towards the low risk and flexible attributes of contractor employment.
Here we explore five intrinsic reasons why we believe this to be the case.

Perfectly poised for project work.

For many companies, undertaking project work is an essential part of their business. Whether these assignments run from a few weeks to a few years, all require a great deal of time, effort and specialist skill sets in order to be executed successfully. Enter the contractor. 

With a team of carefully chosen contractors on your books you can expect nothing less than high levels of productivity right from the outset, often with a solid contribution from day one. The benefit you get from knowing that the role is being fulfilled at the same time as being developed gives comfort to every manager.

They’re also extremely valuable in terms of bringing new ideas and a fresh perspective to the business, presenting innovative methods and solutions that you might not have thought about, without any hidden agendas or internal politics influencing the process.  

The smart solution for your staffing shortfalls.

Faced with a sudden skills gap? Whether it’s an unexpected leaver or maternity cover - hiring a contractor can solve all your staffing shortfalls with immediate effect.

And if this resource deficiency isn’t adequately addressed? From our experience, many expect the rest of the team to unwillingly take on the extra workload - a solution which only really ever ends one way. Queue disgruntled and unproductive workers exhibiting rather poor levels of job satisfaction as a result. Luckily for employers (and their potentially plummeting retention rates) this does not need to be the case.

Employing talent on a temporary basis means, not only are your existing employees happier and able to focus on their own roles, but you’re now equipped with a new team member who’s ready to hit the ground running.  There’ll be no loss of momentum and no longstanding contractual obligations. Just business as usual without any unnecessary drama. Remember that professional contractors do this for a living and are judged by the results they achieve on every assignment. 

Experience, expertise and endless efficiency.

One definite plus to appointing contractors has to be their depth of experience. Their involvement in countless projects, in a variety of different companies and sectors means the wealth of knowledge they can bring the table regularly trumps that of many permanent staff. 

As they’re brought in to focus on one specific assignment or role their approach is geared towards accomplishing the task as efficiently and effectively as possible within that given time frame. Most come armed with an impressive skill set, obtaining up to date qualifications to ensure they’re never without the necessary abilities to be considered for that ‘next job’. 

Fantastically flexible.

Taking on temporary staff is not only much more low risk but often incredibly preferential due to the flexibility it brings to the business. Employing contractors allows you to manage your hiring requirements in response to fluctuating periods of demand, without the time and expense involved in permanently upping your head count. The cost vs value benefit of having a vacant role covered and seeing the role actually develop when not occupied by a permanent member of staff is something hardly any hiring Manager regrets.

Not only this, but you can swiftly address any skills deficits without having to factor in any lengthy training or induction processes. Any recruitment consultancy worth its salt will have fully referenced, skills tested and immediately available contractors ready to start a role at a moment’s notice. Recruiting cover should be the last thing a Manager has to worry about.

Banish those budgeting blues.

Restrictive recruitment budgets getting you down? You might be surprised to hear that hiring a contractor can actually be cheaper than appointing their more permanent counterparts.

Although contractors attract higher pay rates it’s worth remembering that you only have to pay for contractors when they’re actually working. There’s no outlay in terms of holiday or sick pay, no investment in their ongoing career development, no expensive benefits package and above all, no contributions required to PAYE and National Insurance.

Furthermore, if a project or role ceases to exist then the implications of terminating a contractor’s employment are much less expensive and complicated than having to make permanent redundancies. All aspects which can make a significant difference to your accumulative outgoings. This is a process that should also be handled or supported by your supplying recruitment consultant.

With all things considered, opting for a more contractor focused recruitment model really depends on what best suits the overriding needs of your business. Many enjoy the flexibility, reduced risks and advanced skills they can bring to the company but for some, hiring staff on a permanent basis is much in line with their organisational goals.

No matter what your preference, the contracting market continues to flourish and will most certainly remain the strategy of choice for an increasing number of businesses moving forward. It is also worth noting that the modern work force is showing a preference for the flexibility gained through Interim working. Gone are the days where the Interim workforce was populated by out of work permanent employees. This is now a professional choice.

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