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Ethiopia, signifying successful economic evolution

Ethiopia, signifying successful economic evolution

Destined to represent the Africa of tomorrow, Ethiopia is both ambitious and motivated in ensuring its readiness for globalization.

Forced to position itself in a globalized context in a period of great change, Ethiopia seems to have opted for a strategy of modernization.

As a result, the country is attempting to raise its profile by focusing on the aviation industry and, in particular, regenerating the national airline, Ethopian Airlines. Despite the lack of access to the coast, which for a long time has cut the country off from globalization, Ethiopia is now more active and, in particular, more visible thanks to the airline’s development.

Ethiopian Airlines now operates across the continent and has succeeded in establishing the country as a key airline hub, giving the capital added status as a gateway to the continent.

However, Ethiopia’s transformation does not stop there and the country is actively continuing to enhance its desirability. With no customs barriers in place and extremely low labour costs, these key factors have encouraged the arrival of foreign investors, (such as H&M).

An increase in the number of women in politics is also an important feature of how the country is evolving. The appointment of Sahle-Work Zewde as President is evidence of the modern and innovative shift the country is experiencing.

Ethiopia is both entrepreneurial and independent and seems to be fully en route with its plans for economic redevelopment and political transition.

Ethiopia, some facts & figures:

– Capital: Addis Ababa

– Working population: 52 million inhabitants (105 million inhabitants)

– GDP per capita: $83 million

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