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Essentra Case Study

Essentra Case Study

Essentra, a leading global provider of essential components and packaging solutions, were looking to create a consistent global approach to selecting graduate talent. Here’s how they began their solutions journey with Morgan Philips Group

Each year, they would recruit around 20 graduates from all over the world. They'd then support them with development initiatives. For example, graduates would meet up twice a year near one of the company's global locations to develop their knowledge, build internal networks and create a social bond. 

Now while this programme was successful, they were looking for a more consistent global approach to selecting their graduates. The way they did things was unstructured and usually ad hoc. And it varied across regions and functions. 
More importantly, there was no real measure of potential – be that resilience, agility, or learning capability. There was no standard of "what great looks like", just basic ability testing.

Something had to be done.

At they started to review the graduate programme, Essentra began working with Morgan Philips Group to develop a group-wide framework. It focused on the key competencies required at each level of the organisation.

This was a turning point.

Suddenly, the focus switched from measuring what employees do to how they do it. The aim of this framework was to form the core around which all people decision were made. 

With this in mind, Essentra totally revamped its graduate selection process. These were its new aims:

  • Make the best hiring decisions and meet the programme’s objectives
  • Engage people and reflect Essentra's messages
  • Be flexible and adaptable to local needs but still ensure global consistency
  • Provide hiring managers with the insights and tools to confidently deliver their role in the process

So what next?

Well, Essentra selected Morgan Philips Group's suite of psychometric tools as the most efficient and effective way of meeting their needs. 

As a result, Essentra can now measure cognitive ability, behavioural preferences and motivational drivers. These are all mapped to a competency framework and potential model. T. 

But what does this all mean?

In a nutshell, it means Essentra can provide its managers with quality insights and interview guidance. This will enable them to undertake a robust competency-based interview. 

And on top of that, once the graduate starts work, the line manager is given an on-boarding report to help coach and support the new starter as they transition into their new challenge. 

Now, Essentra has a selection process with a consistent global assessment, but one that also works at a local level. Hiring managers get an insightful and helpful selection report, but one that's also easy to use and doesn't need costly training. 

What do they think of it?

Gavin Leathem, Group Human Resources Director, says: 

"the process has provided managers with better quality insights resulting in a consistently higher calibre graduate intake."

In conclusion...

All of this has come together to help form a consistent "One Essentra" approach. That means graduates will get the same company experience no matter where they are in the world. The company's global name and reputation doesn't have to come at the expense of its local appeal. Essentra can mean the same thing in any language…

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