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Day in the Life of a Remote Worker – Amanda Chard

A day in life of a remote worker - illustration

These are unprecedented times. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our work, family and social dynamics. With most of Europe locked down, restoring some kind of normality to our lives will take time.

In our new ‘Day in the Life of a Remote Worker’ series, we talk to some of our colleagues to learn about their new reality as remote workers – and how they are rising to the challenge to continue to provide the very best service to our clients and candidates.

Exercise, cooking and looking after a rather lively cockapoo – these are just some of the things that Amanda Chard, director Legal (interim solutions) at Fyte is doing to recalibrate and re-energise. It’s also a great time to work at relationships, both personal and professional…

How are you adapting to homeworking during the Coronavirus outbreak?
I work from home 1-2 days a week anyway so it hasn’t been too hard to adjust. My husband is a recruiter as well – we would never usually work from home together but we’ve settled into a good rhythm over the past two weeks and work out of separate rooms to keep out of each other’s way!

What are the main obstacles and how are you getting round them?
Keeping motivated some days in a job market which is in a downturn. So I just get on the phone and talk to someone or take a break and do some exercise to reset.

amanda dogWith the distraction of children, how do you remain focused and productive?
No kids but I have an energetic dog that needs a bit of attention. We try to take her out for a walk or run every morning so she’s more inclined to sleep most of the day.


What are you doing to communicate with your team and the wider organisation?
Amanda: We have a team WhatsApp group and I speak with my manager on a regular basis throughout the week. We are well equipped to work from home and we’re always in touch.

And what about maintaining effective interaction with clients and candidates?
I have been spending most of my days on calls with candidates and clients. Everyone seems to be up for a chat at the moment – it’s nice to speak with someone other than my husband, dog and cat from time to time!

exercise remote workerWhat are you enjoying most about working from home?
Amanda: Spending more quality time with my husband and pets, being able to sleep in past 6am and not having to get on the tube. We’ve been cooking together every day and making the most of this time together.

Do you have any advice for anyone working remotely?
Try and keep to a routine. I still try and exercise in the morning, log on and have meals at the same time. It’s also a good opportunity to start a new hobby or spring clean your house. I’m using this time to improve my cooking skills and running pace as I can’t get to a gym.

Feel free to get in touch with Amanda Chard for all your recruitment needs or job search efforts.

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