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Culture & Purpose: Fyte Scotland hosts its first HR roundtable

Culture & Purpose: Fyte Scotland hosts its first HR roundtable

On 12th September, Fyte Scotland was thrilled to have hosted its first ever networking roundtable in the heart of Glasgow. Along with guest speaker Chris Wilson, co-founding partner of Opto Advisory consultancy, our event was tailored to bring together and offer insight to local HR professionals. Chris, who has led major transformation programmes in operations, retail distribution and product management in businesses such as Direct Line Group and RBS, was the perfect choice as our first speaker.

When devising concepts on how best to connect Glasgow’s network of HR experts, Fyte principal consultant LeighAnne Jordan envisioned the bringing together of likeminded people from the industry to share knowledge and discuss the latest trends and developments. We leveraged Fyte’s bespoke approach to relationship-building and applied it to our debut roundtable titled ‘Culture and Purpose’. Exclusive and informative, the event discussed the concept of ‘Purpose’ and its permanence within the workspace. Chris' presentation covered ‘Vision’ and how professionals are required to adjust to its continuous evolution. ‘Values’ was the final roundtable theme, exploring how it is driven by behaviour and impacts a business’ culture.


Here are three main takeaways from Chris Wilson’s keynote on ‘Culture and Purpose’:

  • Magic happens for organisations in the overlap between passion, skill and opportunity. The absence of one of these elements is a limiting factor for both people and businesses alike.
  • In an organisation, ‘passion’ is often described as ‘purpose’. Great organisations take the time to properly understand their purpose - why they exist, not what they do. This should reflect the passion of the people in the organisation. It helps them to attract, develop and retain likeminded and talented people.
  • Power is in embedding purpose throughout this business by making well informed choices about the way the it's structured and operated. When done well, you can draw a clear line between the purpose of a business and the role profile of every member, all the way to the very front line. When these connections are strong, it will bind people together towards the company’s goals.

With 11 people having attended our event, Fyte's roundtable initiative succeeded in presenting an exclusive and educational networking seminar, with more being planned monthly. 

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