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C-Suite roles gaining importance in 2019

C-Suite roles gaining importance in 2019

When you think of the C-Suite, a few job titles probably pop up in your head – the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) being the most obvious, as well as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

But at a time where businesses are under increased pressure to be agile and fast-moving, there’s a growing need for a wider range of expertise around the boardroom table besides the staple specialisms. 

To find out what new roles have made their way into the C-Suite, and what old titles will take on greater prominence in 2019, we caught up with Morgan Philips Group’s Founder and CEO, Charles-Henri Dumon. 

Here are the top five C-suite roles on his list 2019:

Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

This role is by no means new – in fact, it’s been around since late 80s – but in today’s highly competitive, real-time business environment, the role of the modern Chief Learning Officer has changed immeasurably. 

Previously, the CLO’s main priority was to organise and manage the corporate training programme, but nowadays, organisations need to empower employees with immediately-accessible, practical and measurable learning solutions.

Like other roles in the C-suite, such as the CMO, the CLO is now required to demonstrate ROI through analytics.

According to Deloitte, the half-life of a learned skill is five years, down from 30 years in the 1980s.

Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)

Data is the new oil. To improve reach and build key relationships, the vast majority of organisations have upped their efforts to collect, store and manage customer data – but in the last few years there’s become a strong need to police how this data is handled.

With the new GDPR regulations now in place across Europe, the role of Chief Privacy Officer is to develop and implement policies designed to protect employee and customer data from unauthorised access.

The CPO is responsible for establishing and overseeing the privacy strategy, understanding regulatory compliance and advocating for customers.

Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) 

Moving beyond the traditional realms of corporate social responsibility, many organisations have recognised the ongoing, real-life impact they can have on society and the environment, and are making an active effort to improve it.

Acknowledging the need for strategic leadership in sustainability, there’s a rise in the number of organisations appointing Chief Sustainability Officer’s to raise the profile of sustainability within and outside of the company.

Disproving the misconception that sustainability doesn’t have an impact on the bottom line, the CSO manages financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities, and measures value in terms of ROI.

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO) 

Artificial Intelligence has become the new must-have, and while the opportunities AI offers are hard to turn down, many organisations struggle to fully understand AI and its capabilities. 

AI is such a deeply academic subject – a subject that is advancing continuously – so, it often goes above the heads of anyone who isn’t deeply intertwined in the AI community (including many CTOs).

To put AI tech at the heart of the company strategy, many organisations are appointing Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer’s to fully leverage AI and solve business problems with it.

Chief Growth Officer (CGO) 

Often mistaken as an elaborately-disguised sales role, in actuality the Chief Growth Officer works across a number of key business areas to drive growth, including marketing, sales, products and finance.

Unlike other C-level roles, the CGO’s broad understanding of numerous functions means they can create and execute a long-term plan and vision of growth-generating strategies. 

In our highly disruptive marketplace, organisations can no longer rely on traditional streams of revenue growth; the CGO often looks to challenge how things are typically done and drive innovation across the business to produce growth-based results.

To find out more key trends impacting the C-suite, read our recent interview with Charles-Henri on the latest executive search trends, or visit our Insights page

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