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Avoid CV mistakes that will stop you from getting the interview

Avoid CV mistakes that will stop you from getting the interview

  1. Check the spelling, the formatting and the wording
  2. Make sure the information are relevant
  3. Use a professional template
  4. Update your personal information
  5. Match the company requirement

It can be hard to spot those small errors on your CV – especially when you're in a rush to send off your application!

But unfortunately, they're exactly the kinds of mistakes that hiring managers always spot.

Here are 13 CV mistakes that mean your application will always get ignored...

1. Typos

Print it out and proof it over and over. Then give it to someone else to proof.

2. Too wordy

Never use a long word when a short one will do!

3. Bad formatting

Use a proper template that's coherent and easy to scan.

4. Doesn't use the right keywords

Some employers will use software that scans for keywords – make sure yours are in there!

5. Too long

One page is enough – anything more than that is usually filler!

6. Irrelevant experience

You don't need to list every job you've ever had. Choose the one that are the most relevant.

7. Unprofessional email address

It's probably time you retired

8. Bad grammar

Read it aloud over and over. Does anything sound strange?

9. Irrelevant information

Leave your home address and DOB off!

10. Photo

Unless they ask for one, it's just taking up valuable space.

11. Bad font

Pick a professional, readable font like Georgia, Arial, or Calibri.

12. Business-speak

No blue-sky thinkers or 110 percenters allowed.

13. Old fashioned-isms

Bin the fax number and stop listing Microsoft Word as a skill – it's expected nowadays! 


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