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7 reasons why summer’s a great time to find a job

7 reasons why summer’s a great time to find a job

Summer's here – time to dig out the flip-flops, pump up the inflatables and, most importantly, ditch the job search for a while. Right? 

Well, not necessarily.

Here's seven reasons summer might just be the perfect time to find your next role...

1. Competition is low

Think about it – if everyone's away on holiday or reckons there's no point looking for a role during summer, they're not going to look. There will be much less competition for any role you go for! 

2. If you find a role, it's probably urgent

Thanks to the 'school's out for summer' mentality, many employers will put off hiring until later in the year. 

But if someone unexpectedly leaves, they'll be forced into action.  All of a sudden, the situation is urgent.

Now's your time to swoop in while everyone else has their feet up! 

3. Your schedule is more flexible

Unless you have plenty of summer holidays booked, it's likely summer won't be a particularly busy time.

Less to do in the office means more time to book interview appointments. Less work to bring home means more time updating your CV! 

4. There's more contract-to-hire work

A lot of companies will actually be looking to hire contract staff during the summer months.

This will be to fill all those long leaves of absence like extended holidays and sabbaticals. 

This could be the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door. That temporary position could become permanent employment if you impress! 

5. You've got more networking options

Summer's a great time to network. Especially after spending months in the same restaurants and conference centres. 

Summertime means golf, barbecues and neighbourhood get-togethers. Get outside, do something fun and make some new connections! 

6. You'll enjoy an easier transition period

Summer’s a generally a less hectic time in the work calendar. There are typically fewer meetings, fewer deadlines and fewer people around to distract you. 

Better still, it can actually be more convenient for families if you have to relocate for the role. The kids won't have to be pulled out of school. 

7. The process may be simpler

There's every chance an employer will want to speed up their recruitment process during the summer months.

Hiring managers might be keen to have the process all sewn up before they head away on holiday. 

Plus, as we mentioned in point two, they may be desperate to get someone started with a quick turnaround. A three-stage interview process could suddenly be trimmed down to one! 


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