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5 tricks that'll help you look smarter on LinkedIn

5 tricks that'll help you look smarter on LinkedIn

LinkedIn continues to dominate as the World’s largest professional network. 

But with over 467million users, 3 million active job listings and over a billion endorsements it’s easy to get lost amongst your connections. 

It’s getting harder to stand out. But if you want to take your LinkedIn status from average to All-Star, here’s five little tricks to have up your sleeve next time you log in.

1. Use your middle initial

John F Kennedy, Michael J Fox, Need we say more?

2. Creep out your followers

It may sound cliché but there’s some serious psychology behind this. People’s middle initials have a powerful effect on how people perceive others intellect. In a good way.

3. Draw an infographic

What does and does not constitute an infographic is open for interpretation. But one things for certain. Your LinkedIn followers LOVE an infographic. Why use words when you can draw something? Anyone can use words, see I’ve just done it now!
Start off with a Venn diagram. That’s just two circles and an arrow. Your followers will think you’re some sort of social sensai. Post it, sit back and bask in the glory of the Venn. 

4. Turn off your activity setting

If you’re a bit late to the LinkedIn party, you’re probably going to have to frantically backfill your experience. The problem here is that any update you make will automatically feed onto your Wall opening you up to misjudged comments, ill-advised banter and sarcasm from your colleagues who will no doubt point out you’ve been working here for 5 years!
By turning off your activity temporarily, you can silently update your LinkedIn profile without letting the world know.
To do this, go to ‘Settings’, and under ‘Privacy Controls’, you should be able to see ‘Turn on/off your activity broadcasts’.

5. Commentary

Everyone’s got an opinion right? And commenting is a super easy way of guaranteeing the right sort of traffic to your profile. The next time someone posts an interesting article follow it up with. 
“Terrific post. Thanks for sharing. I completely agree.”
Or disagree. That’s the beauty of it. In under 10 words you’ve got people thinking you’re plugged in, you’re out there, and you can read!

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