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5 reasons why Easter is a great time to find a job

5 reasons why Easter is a great time to find a job

Easter's a time to hunt for eggs, not jobs. Right?

Not necessarily!

There are actually plenty of reasons Easter is the ideal time to look for a new role...

1. It's the start of a new financial year

As you know, the financial year ends on 31st March.

That means bonuses, salary reviews and new budgets across the board – key issues that could well mean the difference between someone staying with a company or making a switch.

What does that mean for you and employers in the weeks that follow? Potential vacancies!

2. Competition is lower

Most people have holidays booked, are taking care of their kids or are just putting their feet up.

Add into the mix that people are relaxing after the January-February jobs market rush, and you've got a real lull period.

In short, that means for any roles that do come up over the Easter break, competition will be reduced.

3. More contract-to-hire work

Many organisations will be looking to hire contract staff from the springtime onwards.

This will generally be to fill the gaps left by extended holidays and sabbaticals.

They're always great chances to get your foot in the door. That temporary position could potentially become permanent if you play your cards right!

4. You'll enjoy an easier transitional period (but not too easy!)

With a higher number of absences and a steadily increasing inclination to nip to the pub at lunchtimes (weather permitting), Easter tends to be a slightly more relaxed time of the year.

So if you do land a new job over Easter, it will probably mean fewer meetings, fewer deadlines and fewer new names to learn!

5. The process may be simpler

Given they'll be more people taking holidays, there's every chance employers will want to streamline their recruitment processes.

Hiring managers might be intent on wrapping up the process before they head away.

A grueling multi-stage interview process might suddenly become a bit more condensed!

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