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4 reasons why Christmas is a great time to find a job

4 reasons why Christmas is a great time to find a job

We know the temptation to put your feet up and start eating chocolate by the tub-load is strong, but hear us out:

Christmas is actually a great time to find a new job. 

Don't wait until the New Year’s rush – here are 4 great reasons you should start now! They'll be plenty of time for chocolate later...

Networking is easier

For those reading abroad, Christmas in the UK is mostly spent in the pub.

This time of year is when you can be pretty sure that most people will be out getting into the festive spirit.

What better way to start rubbing elbows, making new connections and reconnecting with the contacts you've not seen in a while?

There won't be much competition 

Think about it – just about everyone else by this point is probably taking it easy.

They won't make plans to even dust off their CV until January. While they've got their feet up by the fire, you can be making your move.

Now's the time to get everything in gear – from your CV and cover letter to your elevator pitch and your interview outfit. 

At the very least, it's a great warm-up for the January jobseeker chaos! 

Okay, say you don't manage to find a job - it's not a big deal. You've still accomplished two very important things:

You've polished off your CV and application materials, and you've warmed yourself up for the job hunt.

These two things will come in very handy once all hell breaks loose in the New Year. You'll have an invaluable head start! 

You're less likely to lose out on holidays

Say you land yourself a new job around this time of year – you're most likely to start around January or early February at the latest. 

What's a great advantage of that? You're less likely to lose out on holiday dates! 

Quit your job just before summer and you'll have to give up the holidays you already booked at your old work, and you won't get as many days pro rata at your new work. Timing can be everything!

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