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3 reasons you should ask for a better work-life balance in your next review

3 reasons you should ask for a better work-life balance in your next review

Juggling the demands of your career and your personal life is tough - especially in the new world of work where we're yet to really know what the effects of Brexit will be. 

Your manager probably expects more from you - you have to do even more with less. So surely a better work-life balance is out of the window for now?

Not necessarily. Here are 3 reasons you should bring it up at your next review...

1. Work-life balance doesn't just mean more days off.

People assume a work-life balance is a matter of dropping to a four-day week or trimming hours off at either end of your days.

But it doesn't have to be as drastic as that. 

You could think about setting days where you agree to work from home - it helps cut down the amount of time you waste commuting each week, and it could even come in handy next time you need to be at home during the day for an important delivery. 

2. It's not just for millennials.

Work-life balance is a word that's thrown around a lot at the minute, so the tendency is to associate it with all the other hot topics at the minute – i.e. millennials.

Work-life balance isn't just a thing that younger generations are demanding - Gen X and Babyboomers are just as entitled to take control of their work-life balance. 

The days of never-ending weeks with little time to enjoy your life (or your wages!) can be over if you want them to be!

3. Employers know it's an important issue too.

Remember – you're not working in a Victorian workhouse. You don't need to feel like Oliver Twist shuffling up to the front to ask for more. 

Let's face it - rewards and bonuses are going to take a different form in the coming months (and possibly years) – being rewarded for your efforts with a pay rise isn’t always likely. 

So it's time you asked your employer: what else you got? If you can't offer me money, what else is there to keep me on-side and keep me satisfied? Maybe it's something as simple as being given more time to enjoy your life - and you can't put a price on that, surely?

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