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3 job application tips you think are right, but aren't

3 job application tips you think are right, but aren't

There's so much advice on how to apply for jobs on the web that it can be tough to know which piece of advice to follow. 

And the truth is, there's no perfect way to apply for a job - it all depends on where you work and who you work for. But with that said, there are some pieces of advice that you definitely should NOT be following! 

Here are 3 common nuggets of so-called wisdom you're better off ignoring...

1. "Send off your application ASAP!" 

You see a job posted from a company you'd love to work for, so what do you do? Fire off an application before you've even finished reading the job description? Think again!

You might think peppering their inbox within half an hour of the job posting going live shows how enthusiastic you are, but remember - it's not first-come-first-serve.

Give it a day or two to go over everything - your CV, your cover letter, and the application form (if relevant). That way, you can ensure it's perfectly tuned to the role and the job description, not to mention error-free.

2. "Apply to as many jobs as possible!"

While you're looking for a new job, might as well apply for every single job under the sun, right? After all, the more you send out, the more likely you are to land one. 

Not necessarily true. If you're applying to hundreds of jobs at a time, the chances are you're not giving each one the proper time and attention. 

Job applications are about quality, not quantity. Instead of applying for 20 jobs in a haphazard, probably rushed way, try focusing on the top ten of those, and spend the same amount of time focusing and tailoring each application more thoroughly. 

3. "Apply for those jobs just out of your reach!"

We know it's always important to challenge yourself - after all, your next job should stretch you more than the last in one way or another. 

But there's a difference between stretching yourself and applying for jobs you have no idea how to do. If you're not qualified for the role, it doesn't matter how enthusiastic or hard-working you are.

At Morgan Philips Group, we always talk about mindset. But remember, your mindset has to be balanced with skillset and experience. Mindset can help your career soar, but experience and skillset will get your foot in the door.

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