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Our services

Executive Outplacement services

Our expertise and methodology enable us to offer our clients, both companies and candidates, quality services to ensure the employability and mobility of individuals in professional transition.

Individual outplacement

Recognized, innovative and effective, Morgan Philips' outplacement method provides a solution for all employees at any time in their careers and helps to preserve the employer brand image of companies that want to optimize their outplacement budget.

Our mission?   The rapid return to work of employees from whom you leave, thanks to a well-defined 9-step program:

Professional assessment

A concrete professional assessment carried out using various interviews and evaluation tools.


The assessment of the candidate's employability, skills and career plan as well as the current job market outlook.

Professional project

The presentation and construction of the professional project as well as assistance in the production of CVs and cover letters to better present themselves to recruiters.

A personalized training

A personalized training to train each candidate in the different types of interviews (telephone, video, face-to-face,...).

Digital strategy

A real digital strategy to work on your notoriety, especially on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. An essential step in individual outplacement!

Regular follow-up

Regular follow-up with the consultant to review appointments, upcoming or completed interviews and to learn how to manage positive and negative feedback.


The finalization of the professional project and the conclusion of a new employment contract: advice on the various contracts, salary negotiation, or even the creation of a status for one's own activity.


Advice on how to successfully integrate into a new company: probationary period, taking up a position in a new team, etc.

Outplacement for executives

Our mission?


The rapid return to work of the senior executives from whom you leave, at an affordable rate, thanks to the support and training of our experts.

Our strong points?


The definition of a future project, a personalized coaching that allows to analyze the performance factors in a professional situation.

Executive outplacement

With Morgan Philips' executive outplacement, your employees will be supported by a consultant who will guarantee our commitments until the successful implementation of their professional project. The specialisation of our consultants makes it easier for your employees to find a suitable job. Their area of expertise includes personality tests, public speaking, professional image and relations with headhunters.

Executive outplacement

Within the framework of the realization of a new career project, several professional paths are available to candidates. With the help of an expert from Morgan Philips Outplacement, the senior manager analyses and determines the tools that will enable them to reposition themself on the job market.

Making your career transition a success.
97% success rate

Career assessment

Our mission?  To take stock of your skills, aptitudes and motivational pedals and support you in defining your professional or training project.

Our candidates are all accompanied by certified consultants. Morgan Philips Outplacement's methodology is based on three key points:

Define expectations

The preliminary step makes it possible to define the candidate's expectations and the entire support programme linked to the skills assessment.

Assessments methods

The methods of the skills assessment are carried out by alternating face-to-face interviews with phases of personal investigation and reflection.

Phased approach

The organization of the skills assessment and a programme of individual interviews in 10 phases.

Analysis Phase

Analysis Phase

Autobiography and current context

Autobiography and current context

Analysis of the professional career path : training and experience

Analysis of the professional career path: training and experience

Statement of achievements and associated performance

Statement of achievements and associated performance

Inventory of skills and areas of expertise

Inventory of skills and areas of expertise

Personality elements : self assessment tool and tests

Personality elements: self assessment tool and tests

Restitution of tests and analysis of support points and ways of progress

Restitution of tests and analysis of support points and ways of progress

Interests : values - motivation

Interests - Values - Motivation

Professional project determination phase

Professional project determination phase

Choice of professional criteria

Choice of professional criteria


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