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Outplacement consulting: our coaches specialized in recruitment

Our team of professional consultants and coaches, experienced and specialized in recruitment and outplacement, will supervise you until you return to work. Accompanied by a referent consultant, you will benefit from the expertise of our coaches specialized in various fields (social networks, public speaking, personal brand, etc.).


of the participants in our outplacement program find a job during this period.


of participants return to a position at the same or higher salary.

Our expertise

As part of our outplacement programme we address the following topics:



In the context of a successful outplacement, it is essential to measure your employability with clarity. Employability, which is specific to each person, addresses the functions to which the candidate can aspire, the sector of activity they are targeting, their mobility as well as their remuneration.

A realistic assessment of employability allows each person in professional transition to consider the labour market as a market of supply and demand, without shying away from it.

Morgan Philips Outplacement combines the aspirations and skills of each individual with the expectations of the job market in order to optimize its attractiveness.

The formalization of a concrete professional project, the implementation of an active job search process and the knowledge of the key players in the market are among the themes addressed to support the person seeking employment.

The support and expertise of a specialized consultant guarantees an efficient and sustainable repositionning.

Take advantage of our consultant’s expertise in outplacement.

Public speaking

Public speaking is one of the most effective ways to advance and energize your career. A good speaker can make a sale, defend a point of view, be respected by his peers or simply improve his interactions, whether professional or personal.

It is therefore an essential skill to master!
Our individual coaching consists of putting each candidate in a real situation in order to acquire greater oral fluency.

The goal is to quickly understand and assimilate the pragmatic and fundamental tools of public speaking: combining body language with emotions to reinforce the impact of the speech on the audience.

Business creation

Are you in a professional transition? An entrepreneurial project in mind that you never dared to launch? What if this is the opportunity, perhaps unique, to start your own business?

Create a new business

From the idea to the implementation of a business creation or takeover, the path is sometimes long while you are subject to time constraints. Our consultants support you during all phases of the project from the analysis, the feasibility of the business model and the legal construction, to the development of marketing, regulatory, HR and digital strategies!

Starting a business is seen as a challenging road but remains an accessible project, if it brings value. There are as many paths to entrepreneurship as there are entrepreneurs in this world.

We will guide you through each step of this great and beautiful adventure you are embarking on!


Relationship with recruitment agencies


of executive recruitment in Poland is carried out by recruitment agencies and headhunters.

Morgan Philips Outplacement builds a long-term relationship with leading recruitment firms and their consultants to develop a beneficial and sustainable network approach.
Thus, candidates have a better control and visibility of the recruitment agencies' process and increase the chances of finding a job more quickly.

As a guarantee of future professional success, an interview with a recruitment agency is not improvised and must be prepared. Its success depends on mastering different factors (presentation, speech, posture), and for this reason Morgan Philips Outplacement proposes to prepare each candidate for the different types of interviews they could face.

The main points discussed with our consultants

  • Knowledge of the main actors in recruitment
  • Relations with recruitment agencies (by email, telephone, interview)
  • Stress management
  • Codes to be adopted in interviews
  • Different types of tests
  • Objection management
  • The questions asked in the interview
  • Active listening

Making your career transition a success.
97% success rate


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