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Create your personal branding with our outplacement digital service

To affirm your "personal branding" it is necessary to have an excellent knowledge of yourself in order to spread a coherent message to your professional environment and future recruiters. This knowledge will allow you to highlight the specificities that make you attractive and accentuate them in order to prove that you have real added value.

The key is in distinction and differentiation: our consultants and specialized coaches will assist you in the (re)construction of your digital professional project.

Digital coaching

It is not always the best brands that sell best, but often those that have the best packaging, the best communication, the best image...
In terms of recruitment, it is the same thing, it is often the candidate who has the best "package" of experience who wins the job.

Today, the employer is looking for technical skills, managerial skills, a match for the position, energy, passion and above all compatibility with the company's culture, not to mention the added value that the candidate will bring to the company.

"If you're not connected, you don't exist!"

As part of an individual coaching, our expert in digital coaching allows each candidate to build their own marketing strategy. It is about being visible on the web while remaining unique to make a difference in a fast-moving and highly competitive job market.

Before an interview, many companies and recruitment agencies use the internet to research how the candidate has used social media to develop his or her personal & professional brand.

Morgan Philips Outplacement's expertise in the digital dimension supports each candidate in the creation and control of their professional image on social networks.

Social networks

From LinkedIn to Viadeo

From LinkedIn to Viadeo, via Twitter or Facebook, social networks have become essential tools to identify professional opportunities and quickly make themselves known to recruiters.

They thus make it possible to develop

They thus make it possible to develop one's image on the web and to highlight certain areas of expertise. How to use them? How to create your profile? How to manage your e-reputation?

The interest of this specific support

The interest of this specific support is to help each candidate to use these tools effectively to accelerate their job search.

Tailorded services powered by technology

Digital print

The digital fingerprint includes all the data that appears in search engines (Google, Bing or others) when you type your name in the search bar. A true personal branding tool, the fingerprint requires constant care for your online image.

This process of image control requires a development going through several stages:

  • The self-analysis that will help you to dig deeper and bring out your profile
  • What are your characteristics?
  • What added value can you bring to the company?
  • On which points are you operational?
  • What are your real skills and knowledge?
  • What are you planning?
  • What motivates you?
  • The positioning obtained must first of all be different from the other candidates in order to determine your profile and be able to sell it.

This coaching will be an opportunity for you to rethink your professional project. In particular the mobility you may have, the desire to stay or leave? The area you want to target? The field of activity? And above all, what are the means to achieve this?

To sell today, you need to have real added value and a real "competitive advantage". There is therefore a real self-marketing work to be done, especially on the Internet. This is called the fingerprint!


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